We’ve developed Enigma Recovery to retrieve and recover as much deleted data from Apple devices and iTunes backups as possible. 

Our current retrieval rate is over 94% successful. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee 100% recovery. 

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have a limited number of memory locations that messages and other data can be saved in. These memory locations will generally be full of ‘current’ data such as those messages still on your smartphone. 

If you are only seeing some of your deleted data this is because the memory on the phone is full with other data or in the case of messages your older data has been overwritten. If this happens to you, unfortunately you will not be able to retrieve your data, or run Enigma Recovery again, to get your data back. 

We can, however, guarantee that our free version will show you a selection of messages, call history, photos and notes that can be retrieved from your Apple device or iTunes backup with the full version of the Enigma Recovery. 

If you are still struggling to recover the data you know you deleted please contact our support team on [email protected]. We’re here for you 24/7 so you never have to worry about lost or deleted data again.

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