Enigma Recovery is dedicated to providing users with solutions to control their data. The company was established in 2012 after the founders realised how difficult it can be to retrieve lost or deleted data through device manufacturers and network operators. We sold our first software license in January 2013 and have been working tirelessly ever since to provide you with convenient and accessible data management and recovery solutions.

We are constantly refining our products to help you recover as much of your lost data as possible. And now you can keep that data safe and secure with our new feature: Incremental Backup. With Enigma Recovery, our all-in-one solution, you can not only recover, retrieve and restore your data from/to your iOS device, but now you can back it up, too. Our Incremental Backup feature gives you an extra layer of control over your data and results in easier, quicker data recovery. It is as robust as a full backup but takes up far less storage space. Additionally, it will analyse your data and show you the deleted data in case you want to recover it.

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