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It is time for you to take control of your data and that is why we exist. Enigma Recovery was founded in 2012, to provide you with a solution to help you recover your lost or deleted data such as messages, WhatsApp threads, photos and much more from your iOS device. Then our team of professionals realised that we needed to take a step forward to help you have a relaxed life where you no longer have to worry about your data, and the Incremental Backup feature was created.

With this all in one solution, you have at your disposal a product with which you can recover, retrieve and restore your data from/to your iOS device, and now you can back it up too! Incremental Backup provides an easier and quicker way to back up your data. It is as safe as a full backup but will take less storage space. Additionally, it will analyse your data and show you the deleted data in case you want to recover it.

Our help section is easy to use and designed to help you – you can either browse our articles or use the Search bar to search for your question or issue. If, after reading our help guides, you still have additional questions that you need help with, please contact our Support Agents by using our Chat. We are happy to help you recover your important lost or deleted data.

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