The Incremental Backup feature was designed to give users like you even more control over your data. For that reason, you also have the ability to remove any Incremental Backups that you no longer want to store on your computer. The deletion process is simple and can be completed from within the software:

  1. With the Enigma Recovery software open, go to Settings, using the icon in the top menu bar:

2. On the Settings screen, select 'Delete my backups'

3. Choose the backup you want to delete and click 'Delete my chosen backup'. Rest assured that this process will not remove your existing iTunes or Finder backups, or any data on your device.

4. Wait whilst the software removes your Incremental Backups. You will receive a confirmation message in the software once this is completed. If you need to turn off Incremental Backups, you can return to the Settings screen and click on the toggle option.

We hope that you have been able to successfully remove your Incremental Backups - if you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to help you!

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