The Incremental Backup feature will be automatically available in the full version of Enigma Recovery software. If you are in trial mode and want to use the Incremental Backup feature, please purchase a software license.

There are a few steps you should take to make sure that the software is able to create Incremental Backups of your device:

Check compatibility

Ensure that your device and computer are compatible with Enigma Recovery software, and then connect it your computer, using a genuine Apple USB cable.

It is also helpful to place your device in Airplane mode before clicking 'Start scan' in the software. Find out how to do that here.

Ensure that your device is not set to encrypt backups

The Incremental Backup feature requires that you do not have Encrypted Backups turned on for your device. The feature will not be able to create an Incremental Backup of your device with Encrypted Backups turned on. If you're not sure whether you are using Encrypted Backups, keep reading to find out how you can check this.

Check for Encrypted Backups in iTunes

  1. With iTunes open and your device connected, navigate to the device screen from the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Under 'Backups', check if 'Encrypt iPhone Backup' is selected. If it is, deselect this option - you may be prompted to enter the password you set for the Backup.

Check for Encrypted Backups in Finder

For those of you who are using macOS X Catalina 10.15, you can check for Encrypted Backups using Finder.

  1. Connect your device and open Finder, clicking on the 'General' tab to see the information about your device.
  2. Make sure that the 'Encrypt local backup' option is not selected. If it is deselect it and enter the password for your backup if prompted.

Once you have ensured that your device is not set to encrypt backups, return to the Enigma Recovery dashboard and follow the scanning process to create your first Incremental Backup!

We hope this has guide has helped you! If you are still unsure how to use this new feature, please contact our Support team using our Live Chat.

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