Enigma Recovery offers a Money Back Guarantee on all our paid solutions and is available to all customers who have purchased directly from www.enigma-recovery.com.

What is a Money Back Guarantee? It's a guarantee that if a customer is not satisfied with the product, they will get their money back.

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with Enigma Recovery. Our free version is available to provide an overview of the data that you recover and retrieve before you purchase our full solution.

If you are struggling to recover or retrieve data using our software, our support team is on hand to help. Simply email [email protected] and they will help you use Enigma Recovery to retrieve and recover your much-needed data.

Circumstances where we may offer a refund

Please contact us within 70 days of purchasing Enigma Recovery to request a refund. We handle each request on an individual basis and reserve the right to withhold a refund at our discretion.

1. Technical failure

We have a 94% success rate for data recovery. We accept that as with all software, there may be some technical issues with the software. We accept that as with all software, there may be occasional technical issues, please contact our support team who will work through our troubleshooting process with you to resolve your issue. If the issue still cannot be resolved after we have exhausted the troubleshooting process, we may offer you a refund on an individual basis.

2. Accidental purchase of multiple licenses

If you have accidentally purchased multiple licenses for the same product in error, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Under these circumstances, we will refund you for the additional licenses purchased only – a refund will not be offered for your original purchase. Please note that if you receive a refund for accidental purchases, you will not be refunded the cost to process your payment via PayPal or our credit card payment merchant. This processing fee will be deducted from your reimbursement (this cost is typically 3% or 4% of the order value).

3. Mistaken Auto-renewal of a purchase

If you have previously purchased an activation code and your subscription was automatically renewed, but you no longer have a need for the software, then we may offer you a refund.

Please note, as per the terms of our license agreement, if you receive a refund you are required to uninstall the software from your computer. You may not reinstall or use the software without purchasing another activation code.

Circumstances where we are unable to refund

There are a few circumstances where we are unable to offer a refund. These include:

1. Customer changes their mind after purchase

If after purchasing the software, you decide you no longer want the product, we cannot offer a refund. It is the responsibility of the customer to use the free trial provided by Enigma Recovery to decide if the software is suitable for their needs.

2. Failure to check compatibility requirements before purchase

We regularly update our software to provide compatibility with operating systems (OS), and post this information on our website. Before purchasing any Enigma Recovery software, customers are required to ensure that their phone and computer operating system are compatible with our software, and that they will be able to meet all minimum system requirements. Please note that we are unable to offer a refund in circumstances where the software is not compatible with your operating system, or where there are firewall settings or anti-virus installed on your computer, which is preventing the software from functioning.

3. Operating system upgrades/changes after purchase

If a customer upgrades their handset or computer to a new device or operating system that is no longer compatible with the Enigma Recovery software, we cannot offer a refund. In cases such as this, we would advise that customers continue to check for updates to their software (provided free) for enhancements to match later OS versions.

4. Customer does not update Enigma Recovery when an update is available

We regularly update our software (provided free) to include compatibility with new OS releases. If a customer does not update their software, when there is an update available, we cannot offer a refund.

5. No technical issues in the software

We are unable to offer a refund in circumstances where there are no technical issues with the software. If you are having technical difficulties with the software, our support team will work with you to try and resolve these issues.

6. Failure to recover a specific data item

We advise that your device remains connected whilst the program is running to ensure a smooth recovery process. Whilst our software has been developed to recover as much data as possible, the amount of data that can be recovered may vary by individual device. Data recovery success will be affected by several factors, including device usage, conditions, and the method of data loss.

Enigma Recovery is compatible with a range of data types. Please note that recovery on iOS 12 or later is more difficult for some data types. If you are having trouble finding the data you need, it may have been overwritten. For this reason, we are unable to offer a refund to users who have recovered some data from their device but have not been able to recover a specific data item. In this circumstance, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to assist you.

7. Failure to read the product description

We regularly update our website with the latest information about our product functionality and capabilities. Please ensure that you have fully read our product features and ensure that the functionality of our products meet your needs before purchasing. We will not be able to offer a refund where users have failed to read our product description.

8. Failure to receive activation code within a few hours of purchase

Once you have completed a purchase for our software, you will automatically receive an email with your activation code, sent to the email address you used for purchase. This code is usually sent within 30 minutes – 1 hour, but can sometimes be delayed due to internet issues or an incorrect email address being used for purchase. If after 1 hour, you still have not received an activation code, please contact our Support Team, who will provide your code to you.

9. Failure to activate software due to poor internet connection

We provide multiple guides on how to install, activate and use our software. If you are unsure how to use the software, please visit our Help section or contact our Support Team, who will be happy to help you. To activate and run the Enigma Recovery software, please ensure that you have a working internet connection, as an intermittent or failing internet connection can result in failure to activate the software. We are unable to offer refunds where your internet connection is not fully working and is causing issues with the software.

10. Failure to provide a reason for a refund request

As part of our company policy to troubleshoot all refund requests, we are unable to offer refunds where users are unable to provide a reason for a refund request.

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