If you have recently upgraded from iOS 10 to iOS 11 and cannot find your deleted messages, keep reading to find out more about this common issue that a number of our users are experiencing. 

The recently released iOS 11 update included loads of exciting features, however one of the changes in this version has caused a few issues. In technical terms, a change was made to SQLite database structure where messages are stored. This essentially means that if you previously lost or deleted messages on iOS 10 and then upgraded to iOS 11, the new database where deleted messages are stored on an iPhone is cleared as part of the upgrade.

If you've upgraded and are looking for messages that you deleted before the upgrade, we advise that you use Enigma Recovery to scan an iTunes or iCloud backup file, if you have either available. 

As always, our advice to anyone about to upgrade their device to iOS 11 is to backup your phone to iTunes or iCloud to protect yourself against potential data loss in the future. 

Still not sure if your data can be recovered? Contact our support team by emailing [email protected] or click on the Chat Messenger at the bottom of the page. Our support team will work with you to try and recover as much of your deleted data as possible. 

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