Here at Enigma Recovery we know how important your data is to you. That’s why we’ve developed our software to help you recover as much of your lost data as possible. And now you can keep it safe with our new feature, Incremental Backup. For extra peace of mind, we offer a free trial of the software, which will scan your device or backup file and display a preview of your data. 

Enigma Recovery Free Trial

With the free trial of the software, you will be able to check if your lost or deleted data is recoverable before your purchase, by previewing a selection of your data from an iOS device or iTunes/Finder, including:

  • 5 deleted files

  • 20 existing files

There is no limit to the number of devices or scans that you can use with the free trial. 

Enigma Recovery Full Version

Once you have had a chance to scan your device or backup file with the free trial of the software, simply purchase a license key and activate your software to unlock all of the features available. 

Once you’ve upgraded your software, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Recovery:
    Recover and view all of your data on your device or backup file. This is ideal if you have accidentally lost or deleted data and need to get it back. 

  • Retrieve:
    Extract and view the existing data on your device or backup file. This is useful if you need to transfer your data in a readable format to your computer or if you need to print the data on your device.

  • Export:
    Transfer your recovered data to your Mac or Windows PC, in a variety of formats. You can export all data found by the software and store it wherever you want or need. Keeping it safe means you will be able to recover and restore it if you lose your data or even your device.

  • Restore:
    Send your data back to the free Restore application on your phone including Messages, Contacts, Calls, Notes, Calendar and Chat History.

  • Incremental Backup:
    Backup your device onto your computer to keep your data safe. Our Incremental Backup feature gives you an extra layer of control over your data and result in quicker, easier data recovery.

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