When we recover deleted SMS Text Messages or iMessages from an iOS device, we look in the phone’s database, extract data that has been deleted and then piece it back together in a viewable format for you – the results of this extraction and reconstruction is the data you see in the software.

However, there are times when the structure of the database that stores the deleted data on an iOS device makes it harder for us to recover all of the elements of a piece of data, such as a text message or iMessage. This includes things like the contact name or phone number of the person who you sent or received the message from. When this happens, our software will show you as many elements of a message as possible; usually this will be the content of the message itself without any contact information. 

To view your message threads by contact, click on an individual contact on the left-hand side of the software, which will display all of the messages associated with that contact. If you are unable to see any contact information alongside your messages, we recommend that you scan an iTunes or iCloud backup file. Find out how to do this by clicking on the links below:

Recover from an iTunes backup file

Recover from an iCloud backup file 

If you’re still having trouble recovering your data and don’t have an iTunes or iCloud file available, contact our support team by starting a chat on our Messenger service. We’re here for you, so you don’t have to worry about lost or deleted data again. 

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